Taking the Gamble Out of Gambling

Hello and welcome to our blog on the predictability of online gambling and how to assess gaming results before they happen.

Our blog will be covering the world of casino games and sports betting to provide an overall projection when it comes to the most popular ventures of an online casino as a player.

Casino games are either based on pure luck or you get the stigma of them being fixed. Well, the honest is answer is a blend of both, when analysing your typical casino game that plays from a virtual machine or platform. Sports betting on the other hand, is purely about sporting knowledge and minimal luck that the player or players perform at the time.

First, we discuss casino gaming.

The most popular of casino games is the online slot machine. As mentioned, playing this and winning involves an element of luck and the overcoming the programs that are built within the machines.

Let us look at how an online slot machine or any other virtual card or table game is made and how this enables us to predict outcomes when playing.

Slots and virtual games use the same algorithms online as they do within land-based cabinets. There are two algorithms used by software developers that make these games. The first is called the RTP which stands for Return to Player. The RTP is a system that projects winning returns solely based on the money that is placed into the game from all players playing. Note, that in the case of Mega Moolah™, for example, the same game and same jackpot is trying to be won by players all over the world. The jackpot doesn’t change from country to country or casino to casino. It is one and the same game as with every casino gaming title.

The RTP works on a percentage calculation which is displayed to players in the gaming details.

When the game hits this internal percentage, the game is then ready to payout its jackpot.

Calculating the predictability of pay for the RTP machine can only be done so by looking at what motivates players. If the chance of winning is based on the money going in, then you have to look at which slots are popular, new releases – yes, the mega jackpot games – yes and the daily must drop jackpots that payout before it hits a specific time and amount – yes.

When it comes to sports betting, the dynamic of predictability is more interesting. If we look at the example of football, instinct will dictate that you opt to bet on the teams with better odds and better performance stats i.e. judging who is better in the table.

Sports is always unpredictable, if it wasn’t, we would all be masters of sports betting and we would live in a world where everyone was a millionaire through sports betting.

Sports betting comes with more risk, but this essential risk in order to be very successful.

In order to win big, you have two ways of betting; picking a lower number of games to bet on and wagering high or picking a larger number of games and betting low. Finding a middle ground between this often returns the amount that if more acceptable as a return.

To win sports bets, you often have to be brave and stray into markets that opt for the underdog to win or for the game to end as a draw. For more diverse markets in the realms of sports betting, you need to have statistics to back your move. Predicting the average number of corners in a football game, what round a boxer will knock out their opponent and how a team’s average first quarter performance is in the first quarter of an American football game is.

There are many variables and without risk of going against the instinct of safety will lead to results. People call it gut instinct to think not so much with the head but an internal belief to how things feel they will playout.